Studio Rate Card

Please contact us for bulk studio block rates.
All rates include an engineer.
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Music & Voice

$60 per hour

1 hour minimum

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$120 per hour

2 hour minimum

Come in and record in any of our rooms or booth spaces.  Mix your recordings in your space or ours!

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$120 per hour

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ADR is one of our specialties.  We have recorded hundreds of hours of ADR for TV, film, and video games.  We use an amazing ADR taker system powered by Nuendo.  It is powerful, fast, efficient, and compatible with any post production DAW.

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ISDN Hook Up

$45/half hour

No added charge for dial in

add $1/minute dial-out

Album & song mastering includes all meta data, CD-Text, and DDP image creation for replication or duplication.  A great selection of amazing digital and analogue mastering equipment for any sonic footprint.

ISDN & Remote link to anywhere in the world.  Stream broadcast quality audio and timecode with minimal latency. Options include ISDN, SourceConnect, and POTS line. SourceConnect and phone line connections are always complimentary.